At Ray’s Butcher Shoppe we take great pride in our hand-cut and trimmed meats. We carry only non-injected meats sourced in the US. Choose from a great beef selection of thick juicy steaks, prime rib roast, briskets, bacon wrapped filets and much more. Also try our special blend of fresh ground hamburgers, perfect for on the grill. Every bite is rich and juicy.

Our fresh pork products are second to none. Select from thick bone-in chops, meaty ribs, lean tenderloins to name a few.

Our poultry is always fresh, and ready to roast, fry or grill. Enjoy whole or hand trimmed cuts of chicken and turkey. You’ll even find tender rolled turkey breast ideal for roasting.

If you love seafood we have fresh shrimp ready to cook or already prepared for all kinds tasty meals or just by themselves. Our frozen seafood section host some of the best fish from lakes and oceans, including delicious lobster tails.